Here at Digital Orchard IT we offer a variety of safe, secure IT solutions


Are you looking to improve your overall IT security?

Do you hold sensitive data about your clients and need to protect it?

Would you like CCTV but aren’t sure where to start?

Date security and protection is always a hot topic, and rightly so. Between GDPR and high-profile cyber-attacks, IT security has never been more important.

Most experts agree it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ your business is cyber attacked, but more a question of ‘when’ and how devastating it will be.

IT security is not something that should be overlooked, as a regularly maintained system and proper data protection measures can be effective in protecting your business.

End Point Protection Image from IT security experts Digital Orchard IT EndPoint Protection

Keep your system safe with tailored endpoint protection

Protecting your IT systems is about more than securing your desktop computer. Here at Digital Orchard we secure your technological estate as a whole, from laptops and PCs to mobile phones, and cloud-based networks. Anything that can connect to your network is a potential point of attack. In some offices, this even includes the telephone ports.

We can carry out patches, antivirus monitoring, backups and restorations. We can also scan your systems to identify areas of weakness and work with you to repair them and bolster the defences before an attack can take place.

server security icon from IT security company, Digital Orchard IT Data Protection

Protect your data; protect your business!

GDPR has made data protection even more stringent, and it is a common misconception that data protection starts and ends with how data is used. However, data protection also concerns itself with how secure the sensitive information you hold is.

Digital Orchard IT can help with this aspect of IT security by encrypting data whilst it is in transit and at rest and adding in layers of protection against malware.

We also specialise in Bare Metal Recovery, so if your machine fails we can recover the data and save you losing it.

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image of computer data recycling for IT services from Digital Orchard ITData Destruction

Secure, efficient IT recycling and data destruction

If you are replacing or upgrading some of your IT hardware you might be concerned about properly disposing of the information stored on it, as well as the environmental impact.

It is easier than you might think to retrieve information from a discarded computer or hard drive and, as you are still responsible for that data, it is wise to engage an IT security specialist to properly dispose of it.

Here at Digital Orchard IT will properly and thoroughly destroy all data handed to us, no matter how sensitive, so you can be confident it will never be recoverable.

Whats more, we will even offer a free uplift for ten or more items.

firewall and router img for IT services from Digital Orchard ITNetworking

Safe and secure network solutions

Switching and Routing

Benefit from the latest products such as integrated service routers and LAN switches to create a truly adaptable integrated network for your business that offers high-speed connectivity between data, voice and video traffic. Your new network will be robust and reliable enough to handle all your business needs both now and in the future.

Security (UTM)

UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions are essentially an all in one system that protects you against key threats. They include firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus protection and web content control etc.


Choose the package that suits your needs from leading suppliers such as Cisco, Meraki and Ubiquiti. We factor in requirements such as internal and external wireless set ups and staff and guest access to create a solution that matches your needs. You can even have interconnection networks across multiple sites.


We can create the perfect Internet connectivity solution for you, incorporating broadband, private circuits or Ethernet offerings as required.


Traditionally, firewall technology protected you against online attack, but as risks evolve, so does the protection needed against them. An increasing number of attacks now come from internal sources, so we also offer systems that protect against this.

icon of CCTV camera for managed IT services from Digital Orchard ITCCTV

Want a CCTV system you can rely on? We’ve got it covered.

CCTV can play a big part of your overall IT security for two reasons; it lets you record who has had physical access to your data or server room, and it can be an entry point for malware and hackers.

Like any other hardware or software that can communicate with your network, it can be vulnerable to penetration, so it is essential that it is properly maintained.

Monitoring who has entered your server room, office, or logged onto computers should be another element of your overall IT security policy but you will hopefully probably never want to access the files, so outsourcing the function makes sense.

At Digital Orchard we have installed and managed secure CCTV systems in a variety of places, from remote farmhouses to busy urban areas. We can install new, update old, or take over current equipment.

Out CCTV service is fully comprehensive, so we install, maintain and update the equipment and systems. We even clean the lenses!