Digital Orchard IT offer a number of ways to enhance your business day to day


Do you need some IT support for your business?

Do you want to update your current IT suite but don’t know where to start?

Would you like your processes to become secure, automated, and efficient?

Digital Orchard IT provide reliable, friendly IT support for businesses and can work with you to enhance the current IT capabilities of your company.

Whether you are ready to update your hardware or software, want to introduce a new function, or want to make your current suite work harder, we can help.

image of laptop icon for IT support specialists, Digital Orchard ITProcurement Services

Here to help with procurement

Technology moves fast and so updating every few years is smart. Over time, computers slow down and can become a bind on your time as it takes several minutes to do something that should be quick. This can seriously damage the productivity of your team.

Not only that, but outdated technology is not as secure as its contemporary counterparts and can leave your business vulnerable to attack.

However, procuring new IT hardware and software can be a minefield. Understanding all the jargon to work out what is suitable for the job and ensuring the new tech will integrate with the old is tricky enough, let alone setting it all up.

Here at Digital Orchard IT we provide IT support for businesses, which includes helping them identify, procure, and set up the best tech for them.

If you would like to discuss this, get in touch with us.

image icon of man and email to represent IT support for businesses from Digital Orchard ITEmail Management

Email management that keeps you connected

Most businesses live through emails. It has become the absolute mainstay of the way we communicate and complete transactions for a lot of businesses. Having fully functioning emails is absolutely vital. When they go down, business can be seriously affected.

If you are looking to update your email provider or migrate to a new platform you might be concerned about loss of connectivity. Well with our IT support for businesses you don’t need to worry.

We can manage migrations so that they have no downtime and no loss of data or messages.

You won’t even know it is happening, as all your groups, contacts, and preferences will be waiting for you when you log on.

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Cost-effective calls. Great connections

Just like emails, phones are essential to almost every business. As your business grows you need your suite of phones to grow too.

VOIP is a fantastic solution to the problem of having multiple phones in one office, as it basically means you are connecting lots of phones to one network. You can manage the order in which they ring, group them, and have some present menu options to the caller.

It is important that they are correctly and securely set up, however. Digital Orchard IT are experts at providing IT support for businesses, and VOIP fals into this category.

We can help you decide between all the providers out there and create a bespoke solution for you, and then install and maintain your VOIP network, so you don’t have to worry about down time.

image of man and cloud icon for Digital Orchard IT, business IT support specialistsCloud Infrastructure

Cloud solutions that work for you

Cloud networking is amazing. It offers unrivalled flexibility, space, and value for money, plus it is secure.

You can run your business from anywhere in the world and still feel like your team is with you.

Setting it up can be a challenge though, which is where we come in. We can help you sift through all cloud providers to find the right solution for your business. Then we implement and manage your cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to give it a second thought

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