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Are you looking to outsource your Business IT services?

Do you want to strengthen the security of your IT systems?

Are you looking to streamline and digitise your processes?

Well Digital Orchard IT can help.

We have been providing business IT services around the UK for several years. Whether you want to rigorously test the security of your systems, integrate new software, or just have someone on the end of the phone to help you hook your printer up, we can help.

We are able to work remotely from our Edinburgh hub, or we can come into your offices to be your outsourced IT manager.

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From data protection to CCTV and everything in between we can safeguard your business and keep your customer’s data secure.

Preventing people from accessing your private data is more than password protecting your laptop. We can take measures on your behalf to secure the various points of access, such as phones, networks, and even the building itself.

Have a look here to see the IT system security options available to you.

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Whether you want you want support for your emails or expert help solving a problem we are here for you.

We have a variety of packages that will suit any business size and range from general upkeep of systems to data intelligence and backup. We can help you out if your systems suddenly go down, or you suspect you are under attack.

Read more about our support services here.

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An in-house IT manager is an expensive luxury that many businesses won’t need, but managed IT systems are important. Who do you call if your antivirus needs updating, or you need to add another email profile to your account?

We can either work in your office a few days a month or we can work remotely to keep your systems ticking over and running smoothly.

Have a look here to find out more.

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Tech moves fast, and it is likely that in the time since you set up your processes and systems there have been advancements. Harnessing those advancements can greatly benefit your business.

This is where we come in. We love keeping up to date with new technology, so whether you are looking to integrate your current software with a new one, trim processes, or introduce a whole new system we can do it with you.

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