Our Guide to Cyber Security Training for All-Star Employees

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30 May 2024

Why cyber security training is your strongest defence against an attack

You’ve worked hard on upping your cyber security game. You’ve tightened up your procedures, invested in sophisticated tech and have anti-virus software implemented. Your cyber security, you think, is rock-solid. But think again. Because on a daily basis, your biggest vulnerability could be your employees - especially if you haven’t invested in training.

When it comes to keeping your business safe online, you need to make sure your IT cyber security policy is robust and regularly maintained. But having technology in place is only the beginning.

With new forms of malware and sophisticated phishing scams being discovered, you need to do everything you can to stay ahead. And if you’re going to protect your organisation against this ever-growing threat, it’s essential everyone in the business is on the same page.

Your employees are your first line of defence. And just one well-intentioned but poorly trained person can undo all your hard work – and cost you a small fortune or years of reputational damage – in a matter of minutes.

Anyone can make a silly mistake but it’s a lack of awareness that does the most damage. Whilst creating a culture of awareness might sound daunting, there are simple ways to get your employees feeling engaged and on board. 

What is cyber security?

Let’s get back to basics. It’s important you don’t assume your staff know how to spot malware or a phishing scam, or the consequences of clicking a suspicious link. It’s unlikely that anyone wilfully inflicts harm on their business. What’s more often the case is that ill-informed staff members make an easy target for unscrupulous hackers.

That’s where cyber security training can make all the difference.

Take time to educate your staff and make it a top priority for everyone - from interns, up to senior executives and board members. Plan regular refreshers and courses. Create a sense of responsibility and equip your people with skills to detect when something feels ‘off’.

So what’s the best way to train staff against a cyber-attack?

We know that cyber security can be complex and making it part of your business’s culture can be a challenge. So we've created a cyber security guidebook with 9 easy ways to change the way your employees think about it.

From implementing intuitive policies to running drills, our cyber security guide will help you keep your staff engaged and informed. Whilst it doesn’t make you completely immune to cyber-attacks, it does mean that your staff are in a much better place to protect the business. 

As IT security experts we want to provide you with the tools you need to stay protected from cyber-crime. If you aren’t sure about the security of your systems and want to find out more about training your team, then get in touch with us!

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