21 ways Office 365 will help you achieve greater productivity

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19 Apr 2024

When it comes to boosting productivity, you probably know there are a wide range of great productivity apps and tools to choose from. One of the best these days - and our own productivity work tool of choice - is Microsoft Office 365.

We use it for file sharing, project planning, communication, and much more. From SharePoint online to OneDrive for business, the Office 365 suite of products help us work faster and more efficiently, minimising those niggly pain points in our day-to-day routine.

So, could Office 365 help you and your employees achieve better productivity?

What is productivity?

This might sound like a strange question but bear with us. The traditional definition of productivity is how much you can produce, with the aim of always doing more. These days however, the concept of productivity has moved from being output based to something much more personal and goal orientated.

With most of us struggling to keep up with our to-do lists, in a digital age of information overload, being productive can also be as simple as staying focussed and managing our time better.

Productivity tips and techniques

Look online and you’ll find plenty of productivity apps and advice to help your day run efficiently. Some of our tried-and-test management tips include planning our day in advance, choosing the tasks we really want to focus on. We’ll also do our most difficult jobs first and set a timer to help us stay on track.

But we’re only human and sometimes we need help to keep on top of our projects, and that’s where Office 365 comes in.

Using  Office 365

One of the reasons Office 365 is so effective is the range of familiar Office products, which Microsoft have packaged together nicely to help us work more effectively. Whilst you’re probably thinking you know pretty much everything there is to know about Office 365, we think there’s a few productivity boosting features you might not have used before. Such as:


Use OneNote for quick and easy idea sharing, and access documents from literally anywhere with OneDrive, especially helpful for remote teams.


Clever search feature Delve will instantly find documents for you (and see who was working on it last), great during meetings.


Easily arrange team meetings with Skype for business – the Skype web scheduler will search through every Outlook calendar and find the best time, then take (and share) the minutes.

There are simply tons of time saving, smart working hacks that people love, and we’ve only skimmed the surface of what Office 365 can do. After all, there’s a good reason this all-singing software has over 120 million users worldwide and over 50,000 businesses signing up every month.

So, to help you become more productive, we’re sharing the top 21 ways Office 365 can help your team get more done, in less time, in our new guide.

Making Office 365 work for you

If you’d like to find out more about using Office 365, then get in touch. We know the package inside-out and we’ll help you find the best features to save your business time and money, and keep your staff feeling happily focussed.

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